PNIc for chronic disease associations

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If you are responsible for an association dedicated to one or more chronic diseases, we want you to know how to contribute our bit from PNIc. First of all, you should know that, as health professionals, all the team members have extensive experience in the management of chronic pathology. Basically, as manual therapists, we understand how a degenerative disease or congenital or acquired neurological damage affects different aspects of the person’s life and environment.
We have learned that we can do more than just manual therapy: we can become part of the multidisciplinary team as university specialists in PNIc, and offer in-depth learning about the mechanisms of action by which the pathology develops and the lifestyle strategies that will allow us to act directly on these mechanisms to control the symptomatology.
We are already doing this in our personal consultations with very encouraging results. That is why we want to offer our services to associations because today, many potential interventions go beyond the classical.

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