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We know from scientific data that lifestyle is the main responsible for the appearance of chronic diseases. We also comprehend that the symptom is rarely the problem and that when a condition debuts or is diagnosed, the processes that lead to it have started some time ago. And, of course, we are well aware that the body’s different systems do not work in isolation while working together synchronously and that there is no pathology in which the immune system is not involved. That said, in a PNIc consultation, we work with you to decipher the mechanisms of action that have led to the problem you are consulting us about and what risk factors are present in your lifestyle that are related to it.
We connect all the dots and explain, in understandable language, both the mechanisms involved and the strategies we propose to improve. At the end of the consultation, you should know much more about your pathology and be aware of a solid scientific basis behind the proposed intervention guidelines. In PNIc we consider factors such as diet, physical activity and movement patterns, sleep and rest, cognitive-emotional state, social environment, the influence of the first years of life on adult health or specific genetic susceptibilities that predispose to pathology.
Interventions always focus on some of these factors. Remember: lifestyle is the leading cause of chronic health problems, and the solution lies in change.

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