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Do you notice a lack of creativity and motivation in your company’s managers and employees? Do you need to get more out of your work team? Is your staff exhausted and the number of sick leaves for different reasons is constantly increasing?And what about the atmosphere at work? We know from scientific data that factors such as a sedentary lifestyle associated with new technologies, stress linked to high work demands and exposure to large amounts of information as well as harmful lifestyle habits in employees’ personal lives play a decisive role in the health of companies, which are striving to become more competitive every day.
Difficulty in adapting to the enormous pressures of the market is one of the foremost causes of low performance and absenteeism. Using PNIc as a starting point, we have the most dynamic and innovative strategies to improve the entire workforce’s energy levels, cognitive performance, and decision-making. We propose concrete interventions, both individual and collective, to improve physical and mental health and personal satisfaction and interpersonal relationships in the group to create a healthy, motivating, and happy working environment. In short, healthy companies adapted to the challenges of the new times.

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