PNIc for schools and student academies  

We are living the education revolution.

The old teaching methods give way to new pedagogical trends that are much more specialised and respectful of our children’s learning rhythms and capacities and emotional world. Advances in neurodevelopment and neuroscience inevitably lead us to a change in the educational system aimed at accompanying children to develop their full potential in a safe environment where they feel valued. They can become competent, grown adults with high levels of emotional intelligence and, above all… happy!
Through PNIc we have a lot to contribute: the psychomotor development and happiness of our children are directly related to their state of health, nutrition, movement, hours of sleep, contact with nature, the support of their tribe… We have simple tools scientifically designed to help future adults grow to their full potential!
If you run a teaching academy for adult learners (e.g., for competitive examinations), you should know that many factors influence performance beyond study hours and innate qualities. Through PNIc we know the essential nutrients that the brain needs to improve cognitive function and when and how to eat according to the study schedule. In addition, we assess the hours of maximum performance according to the person’s biorhythm. For the day of the exam or final presentation, we prepare the student with innovative interventions to provide more excellent stress resistance.

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