Aser, Javi, Mayte, César and Pepe we welcome you to EMOVERE

EMOVERE is a project born from our non-conformism. This incredible discipline searches in scientific evidence the reason for a symptom or a disease. That search for why led us from physiotherapy a la osteopathy and clinical psychoneuroimmunology (PNIc).

From studying the functioning of our metabolic, endocrine, immune and neurological systems, as well as the analysis of how people relate to ourselves and the context in which we live, we can understand the mechanisms that have led to the appearance of a health problem.

Sharing this KNOWLEDGE with the patient is the key to CHANGE: the person is EMPOWERED, becomes the owner of their situation and sets off towards a new lifestyle aimed at being healthier, stronger and more committed to themselves.


The PNIc provides us with the answers we seek, while providing us with the necessary therapeutic strategies to generate a positive impact on health. They are interventions based on estilo de lifestyle, on generating stimuli that put us in order with this ancient physiology that we have, so little adapted to the world and the type of society that we live in today.
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