A programme developed in a natural environment for seven days as a vaccine against the harmful effects of modern life.

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Humans have evolved through evolutionary pressures that have shaped our emotional, social, and cognitive intelligence over thousands of years. The need to survive repeated episodes of famine, thirst, extreme heat and cold, violence and infection has led to a series of adaptations that have taken us from strong to intelligent to the point where we can control the environment in which we live.
Today, it is no longer the environment that shapes human adaptations. The loss of evolutionary stress factors makes us more fragile, more passive, less intelligent and less resistant to change. While this gives us many advantages, it also has a significant impact on our health.

In short, modern lifestyles make us more susceptible to disease.

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of research pointing to the intermittent, controlled and scientifically proven reintroduction of the ancestral stimuli inherent to human existence as a safe and effective intervention to restore health and restore human beings to their original resilience.

From the hand of Leo Pruimboom, this is how the concept of “Intermittent Living” was born and is embodied in a very concrete intervention programme in which the participant will experience intermittently (therapeutically) these evolutionary pressure factors to which we are no longer exposed in modern life.

“Intermittent Living” Programme

The Intermittent Living programme takes place over seven days (6 nights) in a privileged natural environment and under the protection of PNI Europe. At all times, it will be directed and supervised by the members of Emovere who, as university specialists in clinical psychoneuroimmunology, have mastered the concept of perfection. In addition, one of our members is certified as a Coach in Intermittent Living and is a member of the International Institute for Intermittent Living.



  • Intermittent fasting

  • Healthy food and high nutrient variability

  • Intermittent cold

  • Intermittent heat

  • Physical exercise

  • Cognitive challenges

  • Intermittent hypoxia

  • Intermittent hypercapnia

  • Relaxation and mindfulness

    The programme includes:

    6 hotel nights
    Gourmet food
    Accident insurance
    Fermented food workshop
    Supervision of all activities and adaptation of these to the state of each participant
    Blood and urine tests on arrival and departure days
    Daily blood glucose and blood pressure measurements
    Anthropometric measurements on arrival and departure days
    Theoretical lessons on the scientific basis of all the strategies used
    Book delivery with all the information about the concept
    Possibility of continuing a program at home with an Emovere professional
    Transfer from airport


    inscripcion intermittent living

    You can sign up alone, with friends or family members. We also offer the programme for groups such as sports clubs or companies.

    Dates: 10 to 16 July 2023
    Place: Aldea do Mazo (Lugar Meiraos, Folgoso do Courel, Galicia) www.aldeadomazo.com

    1.950 Shared double room
    2.250 Single room with bathroom shared with another room
    2.450 Single room with private bathroom
      *Single payment, Payment in 2 installments or Payment in 4 installments.

    Download the FORM, fill it in and follow the instructions to book your place at Intermittent Living 2023.


      Kritsa. Netherlands.

      “I have spent an incredible week in Galicia. I am determined to develop a program like this in the Netherlands for my patients, I want to show them how good an Intermittent Living is for their health. I wish everyone that they can live an experience like this sometime in their life.”

      Marijke. Netherlands.

      “I have had a great health experience. I recommend anyone who cares about their health to do an Intermittent Living program and to do it with Emovere because it has really been a great experience.”

      Mari Luz. Elche (Spain).

      “It has been fantastic, so much so that I am going to repeat it. I liked everything very much: the organization, the way of running the group, the place… and the food, spectacular.”

      Noemi. A Coruña (Spain).

      “The effort has been worth it, not only because of the people I have met but also because of the improvements you experience both physically and mentally. The setting is spectacular. It is the best experience I have lived, for me it has been a before and after.”

      Brenda. Netherlands.

      “This is the second time I have done an Intermittent Living program and again I am amazed at the benefits it brings. I have enjoyed with the group and with the impressive Nature of Galicia. I will repeat it next year.”

      Jordi. Barcelona (Spain).

      “Fantastic. I recommend everyone to go to this program to Galicia. They treat people wonderfully and do fantastic activities that are brutal on a health level.”

      Sara. Lugo (Spain).

      “It has been a surprising, enriching experience, with interesting learning for us to review how we live and take into account very important elements for health, which are in the lifestyle and especially in the way we eat. Emovere is a wonderful team and the environment is unbeatable.”

      Pepe. Pontevedra (Spain).

      “I came with the idea of ​​de-stressing for a week but, in addition to that, I have improved many parameters of my health in a very short time and I have learned something that is useful for my daily life. I think that, of everything I have done in health in many years, this has been the best.”

      Eva. Barcelona (Spain).

      “We have created a great family with people from different places and the experience has been incredible. Excellent organization and food, and my energy level has increased a lot during the program.”


      Cold baths
      Hypoxia and hypercapnia
      Exercises in heat
      Fermented foods
      Mountain trekking
      Theoretical class
      Mountain landscapes

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