• Graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy (Extraordinary end of degree award). Member no. 3840.
  • Osteopath C.O.
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology.
  • University Expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology.
  • Postgraduate in Sports Physiotherapy (University of Valencia).
  • Director and founder of Clínica Therapeutes (www.therapeutes.es) Burriana (Castellón).
    The deep interest in looking for the why of things has brought me here, and thanks to Psychoneuroimmunology, I can respond to many of these questions. I cannot conceive life without continuous health care, so I have made it my life pursuit and also my profession. The beginning of any healing is for the patient to take control of their health; my goal as a therapist is to give them the support and tools to take steps in the right direction. The way to transform who you are is to change what you perform…

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